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        Vertical Spiral Mill

        Vertical spiral mills are mainly used in metal ore crushing grinding, nonmetal ore crushing and deep processing, comprehensive utilization of low grade minerals, and extraction of useful elements from tailings etc. mining industry, powder metallurgy, mechanical alloying, metallurgical raw material processing, metallurgical slag utilization, cemented carbide production etc metallurgical industry and other industries. It will grind certain particle size of ore or other materials into finer granularity materials, which is a kind of ultra-fine grinding equipment.
        The purpose of grinding and refining particles is achieved by means of stirring method. Under the agitation of the agitator, the medium ball and the mineral material in the stirred tank conduct multi-dimensional cyclic motion and rotation motion. The impact, friction and shear effects are generated between the medium ball, the ores, the medium ball and the ores. The ores are deformed, fractured and finally crushed under the action of momentum and impulse to reach the ideal particle size. Compared with traditional ball mill under the same power, the energy saving is 30% ~ 50%, the smaller the product size is, the more obvious the energy saving effect is. The maximum size of incoming material can reach 6mm, and the minimum size of outgoing material can reach 0.02mm.