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        NHI Headlines

        Unmaned System Enpowers Smart Cement Industry


        The ministry of industry and information technology drafted the《Three-year Action Plan For Digital Transformation Of Intelligent Manufacturing In Building Materials Industry (2020-2022)》, which aims to promote the building materials industry to accelerate its entry into advanced manufacturing industry.

        Conch Group, as the leader of cement industry took the lead in intelligent manufacturing. Choosing modern equipment that can meet intelligent production has become the key to enterprise transformation and upgrading. At this time, NHI, which has the advanced manufacturing capacity level in the industry, has entered public's eyes.

        Field research and tailor-made

        Conch Group has always been a strategic customer of NHI and has always maintained a close cooperative relationship. When receiving the invitation from Conch Group to design and manufacture unmaned stacker/reclaimer with high information level, the technical team of NHI was ready to show their strength.

        In order to successfully complete the capacity upgrading, the technical marketing team went to the project site many times, communicating with client and formulated detailed project plan and counter measures according to the actual situation on site. The upgrading project includes the renovation of a stacker and the production of a new reclaimer, and the unified integration of the two equipments into the unmaned system.

        Due to the tight time and huge workload, team members rooted in the site, fought days and nights, mastered first-hand data, fully communicated with the on-site operators and technical departments, and put forward the renovation scheme, which lays a foundation for the smooth implementation and reliable operation of the project.

        At present, the system has been officially operated in Chizhou Conch Cement Co., Ltd., and all data meet the design standards. At the same time, according to the continuous access of other information equipment,NHI will further debug the system according to customer needs, which has achieved the purpose of enpowering the smart cement industry.

        Standing higher and focus on green development

        The renovation and upgrading realized unmaned stacker and reclaimer in China, and has a leading position in the unmaned stacker and reclaimer system in cement industry. This system is mainly composed of upper computer operating system, wireless communication system, monitoring system, detection and protection switch, PLC, low-voltage control system, etc. Its feature is safety and reliability, high degree of automation, accurate fault analysis, real-time monitoring of operation data, green environmental protection, convenient operation, simple interface and no training. It can realize the functions of adjustable reactor parameters, one key reactor change, double positioning ,remote operation, remote parameter setting, remote monitoring, remote automatic work and flexible division of stockyard, which has reached international advanced level.

        Through this renovation and upgrading, the unmaned system of NHI stacker and reclaimer has won highly recognized from customers, taken a solid step on the road of intellectualization and informatization of cement equipment and bulk material conveying equipment, established a huge market advantage in the smart cement market, and also provided data reference for future optimization design and product upgrading. It will improve the ability and speed of enterprises in intelligent and information design and become a new driving force for NHI to accelerate high-quality development.

        The intelligent stacker reclaimer unmaned system was officially put into operation is based on multiple space-time acquisition technologies such as mobile communication, data sensing and detection, information interactive integration and adaptive control.

        The system realized remote unmaned full-automatic control of raw material stacker/reclaimer process in cement plant and reliable cooperation between stacker and reclaimer and the remote full-automatic unmanned one key pile change. After the operation, the operation data of the stacker reclaimer can be planned, queried, analyzed and shared, which helps Conch to realize the intelligent production mode of "taking intelligent production as the core", "taking operation and maintenance as the guarantee" and "promoting operation with intelligent management". And it realizes the operation automation, management visualization, fault pre-control, all factor collaboration and intelligent decision-making of the plant, which has effectively solved the problems of mutual independence and data inaccessibility between the intelligent systems of domestic cement enterprises, and greatly improved the intensive and intelligent level of production and operation.

        After the operation, the production personnel can be reduced by about 40%, the equipment failure shutdown rate can be reduced by about 20%, and the production efficiency can be improved by about 5%.

        Industry university combination and technology leading

        With the increasing market demand for the unmaned system of stacker reclaimer, it is urgent to develop a more high-end unmaned intelligent platform for stacker reclaimer. Due to the unmaned intelligent platform involves software programming, complex mathematical algorithms, accurate identification of three-dimensional space and other multi-disciplinary theories, which has been separated from the scope of automatic control. The platform to be developed is more inclined to the field of measurement and control and computer software development, which is a great challenge to the whole equipment manufacturing industry.

        In order to fill up the industry gap, improve the technical strength of NHI and occupy the high-end market of stacker reclaimer, the research and development of high-end unmaned intelligent platform is urgent.

        In this context, NHI and Northeast University jointly established a project team to develop high-end unmaned intelligent platform. Combine the long-term production and manufacturing experience of NHI with the profound theoretical foundation of Northeast University, learn from each other and make common progress. So far, these two sides have completed the collection and sorting of technical data, task division, design framework construction and other work, compiled nearly 260000 program codes, and successfully completed the tasks of the first stage.

        The cooperation with Northeast University has greatly improved the R&D level of NHI in the product intelligence, broken through the design bottleneck of new product R&D of modern heavy equipment manufacturing, and explored a new way for the renovation and upgrading of "time-honored brands" of northeast heavy industrial enterprises.