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        NHI Headlines

        NHI:"Time-honored brand" Stacker and Reclaimer pry into the tens of billions market


        On August 26, Chizhou, Anhui, Limestone stockyard of Anhui Conch Cement Co., Ltd., the 418-meter-long site, two sets of equipment are under intense work -the Stacker with a single arm length of 32 meters is stacking limestone transported from the mountain with Belt Conveyor into T-shaped mountain; Another Reclaimer with an arm length of 46 meters is sending the limestone piled into T-shaped mountain to another Belt Conveyor to be used as the basic raw material in nearby cement plant.

        "We will never suffer from limestone again. The unmaned Stacker and Reclaimer of NHI keeps us away from dust." the person in charge of the limestone stockyard happily said. In the operating room one kilometer away from the stockyard, two staff from Conch Cement Company are facing the large screen leisurely, pressing the keyboard to "command" the Stacker and Reclaimer.

        "This is the product of the integration of our 20 years of experience and information technology, which refreshes the 'time-honored brand', and also allows us to knock on the door to the market of tens of billions - the intelligent Stacker and Reclaimer market." Mr. Ai Yingming, vice director of NHI Research Institute, told reporters happily.

        "Time-honored brand" introduces "new intelligence"

        At the beginning of this year, Conch Cement Company, an old customer of NHI, sent a market demand message to NHI: it hopes to upgrade the traditional Stacker and Reclaimer and replace manual operations with unmaned.

        NHI is the earliest research and development unit of China's Stacker and Reclaimer equipment, and its best moment is that its products once occupied more than 90% of the Chinese cement market. Decades of research and development, while launching a variety of products, NHI has also accumulated rich industry experience, cultivated a group of related professionals, and has the "piercing eye" for observing the development of Stackers and Reclaimers. When the demand information of Conch Cement Company came in, NHI realized that it was the best opportunity to upgrade the products of "time-honored brand" enterprises.

        First of all, they sorted out the market demand for Stackers and Reclaimers and determined the direction of intelligent development. Secondly, determine the technical path to achieve - use the latest information technology to improve the level of product intelligence, solve the environmental pollution problems that have plagued the industry for many years to maximize work efficiency. At the same time, since the beginning of the year, we have teamed up with Northeastern University to deploy products, and have visited Conch Cement Company and other sites many times to listen to the voices of customers and find customer needs; exhaust our intelligence to find the best solution for the product, and strive to use the latest information technology to improve the product......In half a year, the technical team broke through nearly a hundred technical points of traditional products, and added technical elements such as computer operating systems, wireless communication systems, monitoring systems, detection and protection switches, low-voltage control systems and so on. A new product in the industry was born. The "time-honored brand" Stacker and Reclaimer has an intelligent flavor, which can realize stack parameter adjustment, one-key stack change, dual positioning, remote operation, remote parameter setting, remote monitoring, remote automatic work and flexibility divide the stockyard and other functions.

        "Using the upgraded products of NHI to improve our operational capabilities, the original work of 5 people was completed by 2 people." After the new system was installed, sitting in the control room of the brand new Stacker and Reclaimer, the head of stockyard of Conch Cement Company are joyful.

        "Time-honored brand" enters the tens of billions market

        "The Stacker and Reclaimer for Conch Cement Company is just a 'warm-up' for us. We are further improving the product and strive to launch a series of products before the end of the year. By then, our products will win customers with better performance." Mr. Ai Yingming said .

        Statistics from relevant sources show that, at present, there are more than 5,000 stockyards nationwide, distributed in industries such as cement, power, steel and ports. However, low efficiency and inability to solve the problem of dust's impact on workers have always been pain points for the industry. The intelligent Stacker and Reclaimer will completely solve the pain points of these industries.

        Taking the lead, realizing the upgrade and transformation of the "time-honored brand" and launching intelligent Stacker and Reclaimer products let NHI have the confidence to open the door to the ten billion market.

        "Time-honored Brands" create new competitive advantages

        Known as the "Cradle of China's heavy machinery industry", NHI is a pioneer in China's equipment manufacturing industry. Over the years, in nearly 20 fields including mining equipment, metallurgical equipment, bulk material conveying and handling equipment, and coal machinery, NHI has created dozens of experienced "time-honored brands" and formed its own traditional competitive advantage.

        Stepping into the new era, how to turn traditional advantages into new competitive advantages? Mr. Zhang Bin, President of NHI responded: "Armed with advanced information technology for the ‘time-honored brand’, and realize the ‘time-honored brand’s progress towards intelligence and the surpassing of the ‘Red Sea’ to the ‘Blue Sea’, and let the sunset industry return to the sunrise!"

        The intelligent Stacker and Reclaimer provides a sample for the development of NHI, and also injects strong confidence into the enterprise. At present, an action plan to empower the "time-honored brand" has been fully launched in NHI - using information technology to improve the quality of the "time-honored brand" and advanced concepts to improve the service level of the "time-honored brand" to achieve a collective breakthrough in the "time-honored brand" so that let China's equipment manufacturing industry's "time-honored brand" enterprise - NHI, revitalize its glory.