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        NHI Headlines

        NHI: Sales Revenue in the First Half of This Year Exceed That of Last year, Development Press The Fast Forward Button, Brand Promotion Show The Acceleration


        On July 27th, it is a hot day in Shenyang, the busyness of work at NHI shield machine assembly workshop exceeded the temperature in this midsummer. The three giant product shield machines lined up, dozens of workers are working the final assembly of electrical and hydraulic systems, and some are commissioning the whole machine.

        Shanxi Yangmei Group 5.87 Meters Diameter Coal Mine Full Section Rock Tunnel Boring Machine

        These three shield machines are the 5.87m diameter full-section rock tunnel boring machine of Shanxi Yangmei Group, the 6.48m diameter earth pressure balancing shield machine for Shenyang Metro Line 3 project, and the earth pressure balancing shield machine with a diameter of 6.48 meters for Chang Chun Metro. They won an upward development trend for the company.

        “ In the first half of this year, our production had a rare hot situation, the orders gather together, and the delivery time is urgent, but we are in a particularly good mood because the company is moving towards high quality development. ” The NHI president Zhang Bin told reporters at the shield machine installation site.

        Since the "mixed reform" on April 30, 2019, after a throes period of comprehensive reform and technological innovation, NHI has pressed the "fast forward button" of development, showing a healthy trend of market development, attracting the "acceleration" of brand promotion.

        6.48m diameter earth pressure balance shield machine for Shenyang Metro Line 3 project and  6.48m diameter earth pressure balancing shield machine for Changchun Metro

        "NHI Brand" regained its vitality

        Since the second quarter of this year, as the domestic economy sustained recovery, NHI has rapidly adjusted its sales strategy, formulated marketing strategies according to the market development situation, and constantly break new highs in marketing performance. The company successively signed the JiNan Steel, Nine Dragons Paper Limited, Shenyang Metro and other projects contracts. NHI brand gained fame and success again in the field of metallurgic, bulk handling, tunneling and others.

        The shield machine performed well. In the first half of this year, there are 3 roadheader machine sales contracts were signed, and the contract amount exceeded RMB 100 million. In the first half of this year, NHI provided Shenyang Metro with 5 shield machines for the construction of the southern extension line of Metro Line No.2.

        The first phase equipment in Ji Nan Steel was running well, and the after-sales service was expertise, as consequence NHI and Ji Nan Steel cooperated again and signed sintering production line equipment contract for its expansion project of retreating from the urban area and shifting to industry zones. The contract involves sintering machine, trolley, ring cooler, teeth-roller crusher, cylinder mixer and other critical equipment of sintering line. The successful signing of this contract marks that NHI sintering equipment has gained further recognition in the market. The brand appeal and industry influence have been further enhanced. The Nine Dragons Paper and NHI reached four contracts for more than 20 sets of bulk material equipment, including cantilever unloading tripper, half-portal reclaimer cantilever stacker and belt conveyor, with a total value of more than RMB 100 million, which also indicates that the brand reputation of "NHI" is constantly improving.

        Toothed Roller Crusher Star Wheel for Ji Nan Steel Company

        Technological Innovation Leading

        Multiple markets are being opened up

        This is a list of NHI product innovation achievements in the first half of the year, involving metallurgy, mining, sand aggregate, bulk material transportation and other business segments --

        High temperature resistant, long distance, large capacity conveyor:

        The whole machine has realized the highly intelligent operation and monitoring by changing the traditional safety monitoring system. The total installed power is reduced by 15%, and the working efficiency is improved at the same time, which provides successful experience for the belt conveyor to develop in the direction of longer distance, larger transportation volume, lower energy consumption and green environmental protection.

        Intelligent unmaned system: Advanced digital technology combined with concrete application scenarios of cement industry, the IT drives OT to help customers accelerate transformation and upgrading and obtain benefit.

        Spiral vertical mill: Under the same power compared with the traditional ball mill, energy is saved 30% ~ 50%, the maximum particle size of the material can reach 6 mm, the minimum particle size of the material can reach 0.02 mm.

        Sand aggregate crushing and screening production line: Rotary crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher, rod mill and other products.

        Retractable stacker: Domestic first independent development, and all kinds of indicators of the products are standard international first-class products, which has been exported to Japan.

        Portal scraper reclaimer, Bridge scraper reclaimer: The equipment span is 65 meters, it is the largest span of the same type of equipment in China at present, and two different types of reclaimers can share a same set of track and ground conveyor, which is belonging to the national initiative.

        Stacker exported to Japan

        In addition, NHI is analyzing of the situation -- to carry out standardization, modularization, parameterization design and research and development of universal parts of belt conveyor. This is the first time for NHI to realize the "Three Modernizations" design of common parts of belt conveyor in China, which will support a huge market. Since this year, NHI has continuously increased investment in science and technology, accelerated the pace of scientific and technological innovation and development, and accumulated strength for the future development of the enterprise.

        Shield Machine for Shenyang Metro

        Impressive Marketing Achievements

        The sales revenue of the half year exceeded that of last year.

        In the second quarter, Sales revenue increased 292.4% on year-on-year basis. In the first half of the year, the sales revenue was RMB 200 million more than in the whole of 2020.

        The immediate beneficiaries of rapid growth are the majority of employees, with average wages rising sharply. Since the implementation of the company reform, the average monthly income payable to NHI employees has increased by 52% compared with 2018. Whereas, the Auto Steering Branch Factory realized a year-on-year increase of 39% in new orders, sales revenue increased 40% on year-on-year basis, and employee income increased 29% on year-on-year basis. Despite difficulties in the enterprise, the promise of “more pay for more work” is still fulfilled.

        This realization brings staffs a different state of struggle - active and self-conscious.