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        NHI Headlines

        Minor Reformation and Innovation Brings More Creativity Multi-Dimensional Innovation Stimulates New Vigour


        Refer to the contribution to enterprise development, as it that the minor reformation and innovation in each aspect cannot be comparable to the new product research and development, large-amount orders. But many a little makes a mickle, it will become a powerful driving force that can change the development of enterprises if the wisdom of the majority of staffs is gathered. Fangda Group NHI has continuously carried out the activities of "minor reformation and minor innovation" to stimulate the whimsy of employees. Each wonderful idea was gathered to create the source of enterprise development.

        New Tools Open up New Ideas and Increase Efficiency by Four to Five Times

        Sintering machine as a representative of metallurgical industry equipment is the competitive products of NHI, which has a wide market in domestic and overseas, it is well-praised by clients. Mr Chen Lei and Meng Haitao are senior workers of the company, they have been engaged in sintering machine technology and assembly work since started joining in NHI. It is too familiar for them how to process the anti-wear plate on the sintering machine. While the JINAN STEEL project made them hard and puzzled, how to guarantee delivery on time and quality in such a tight schedule and large quantity. They tried many methods but failed.

        Occasionally, Chen Lei heard that a batch of new drills with high hardness and fast processing efficiency were purchased, which opened a new idea for them to improve the processing efficiency of the anti-wear plate. In the past, they just consider increasing manpower, equipment and working hours and so on, however, this has led to a shortage of exhausted in driving force and limited improvement in efficiency. The reason is that the surface hardness of the anti-wear plate is hard, and the ordinary drill is consumed largely and slow in processing.

        And at this time, with the new alloy drills, they put the five plates together in a group, fasten together with fixed tools on the drilling machine, and align by locating spigot. The pre-hole diameter of the pin hole is 15.5, the processed anti-wear plate is applied as a mold to drill other anti-wear plate pre-holes, which not only saved the marking time, guaranteed the good interchangeability, improved the work efficiency 4~5 times. It used to take 2 hours for each piece of anti-wear plate to be processed, but now it can be completed in 30 minutes. The 145 sets of trolley can save 754 hours at one time, greatly shortening the manufacturing cycle of the product.

        Turning Waste into Wealth, Joint Force Together, Significant Benefits for Cost Decreasing and Benefit Increasing

        The Structural Parts Branch Factory produced a lot of leftover materials every day, and the workers discussed together during lunch breaks and weekends to figure out how they could reuse the materials. Some workers found that the way to transport the workpiece efficiency is too low, in the May of this year, according to the characteristics of the production of products, some workers made 20 groups of transit pallets with leftover materials, saving transport time nearly 50%, the transport efficiency is twice as much as in the past, the electricity consumption compared to the past is saved as 1/3, which can save RMB 3,000.00 a year. Some workers also found that the curved method by using gas fire baking is time-consuming and laborious, the mechanic maintenance worker find the idle single-arm press equipment in the workshop to repair and reuse.  Then some small spare parts and wires were purchased, all the wires and spare parts were replaced, and some simple mould was made with spare materials. It is required high efficiency and more accurate size by using of this type of pressure bending, which is conducive to saving energy gas, improve work efficiency and quality. Some workers found that the loss of wire rope in the workshop is particularly large, and it was easy to break in the process of lifting, then the workers tried again and again, folded the abandoned paint barrel cover of the painting workshop half into a 90-degree arc, which can protect the workpiece and wire rope to a certain extent, thus prolonging the service life of wire rope. Some workers used leftover materials and temporary simple product tools greatly to improve work efficiency and product quality, shorten the production period. After repeated experiments, the structure and size of tools were adjusted, these temporary simple tools were improved work efficiency of about 300% after putting into use.

        Continuous Innovation Solve Problems, Open Up Thoughts Find Solutions

        The product of Automobile Steering System Branch Factory in the past two years is the gaining momentum, the processing scope and manufacturing capacity has been greatly improved. With the development of workshop automation, the construction of welding workstation has become an urgent task. According to the market research, the price of a workstation is about RMB 30,000 ~ 40,000. Through the argument, the leaders of the branch factory think they can make their own welding workstation. After the news spread, Pei Liguo, a senior technician in the processing workshop, volunteered for the task of self-made welding workstation and took the lead in setting up a team of 5 people. The team first measured and decomposed the existing working station, and then calculated the materials, labor costs and construction period. After calculation, the input of raw materials is RMB 8,000.00, the labor cost is RMB 1,000.00, and the total input cost is RMB 9,000.00. Pei Liguo led four-people commandos and began the construction of the welding workstation by using after-hours and weekends. Under the collective wisdom of everyone, they overcame numerous difficulties and successfully completed the self-made installation task of the workstation within 15 days. The invested capital is RMB 21,000 less than the market price.

        Through continuing to carry out "Minor Reformation and Innovation" activities, the cohesion of the employees of the enterprise has been enhanced, and the work efficiency has been significantly improved. In the second quarter of this year, there are 61 minor reforms and technological innovation and efficiency creation projects, the direct or indirect efficiency creation amount exceeded RMB 100,000. Such mode of promoting product manufacturing efficiency with the wisdom of front-line workers has become the "lubricant" for the high-speed and high-quality development of NHI.