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        NHI Headlines

        NHI Coal Mine Field Market Seeks New Horizons


        With the recovery of the domestic coal industry, the demand for coal mine rock roadway machinery products increased. For seizing the market opportunity, Fangda Group NHI has made frequent efforts in coal mine rock roadway, coal mine machinery manufacturing and other fields. The rapid development of coal mine products research and development, design and manufacturing preliminarily opened a new situation of coal mine products. Recently, there is good news from the National Mining Product Safety Marking Center Company, the type of cantilever roadheader completed the final examination of mine product safety mark certification. After the mixed reform, NHI has completed a variety of models of cantilever roadheader mining product safety mark certification extension application. Now in the cantilever tunneling machine family has added a "new member", which also made the NHI in the fierce market competition to add a new weight.

        Mixed reform spawned new vitalityStart again for the market

        NHI Industry has a long history and an important position in the international and domestic heavy machinery manufacturing industry. On April 30, 2019, In accordance with the relevant spirit of CPC Central Committee and state council on promoting the northeast revitalization of deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, under the correct leadership and strong promotion of Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, provincial government and Shenyang Municipal Party Committee and municipal government, NHI successfully completed judicial restructuring and mixed-ownership reform, Fang Da Group has become the largest shareholder of the company according to law, and the heavy historical burden and debt problems in the past have been completely solved through restructuring .

        As a strategic investor, Fangda Group has brought to NHI a fully market-oriented system and mechanism, a strong advantage in capital resources and a new concept of operation and development. Through a series of measures such as the reconstruction of the operation system, the sorting out of the management system, the upgrading of the technology research and development, the recovery of market resources, and the comprehensive rectification of the traditional poor management. The enterprise is promoted to deepen reform and strengthen development momentum, NHI has once again shown new vigor and vitality.

        Coal mine rock tunnel cut-through solve the bottleneck of rock roadway construction

        After the implementation of the mixed reform, The EQC6330 full-section roadheader produced by NHI for the Xinzhulong Coal Mine project of Shandong Xinwen Mining Company successfully completed the test driving, which marks a new breakthrough of large diameter, large buried depth and complex stratum construction in the field of rock tunneling of coal mine in China. The large diameter full section roadheader of coal mine rock tunnel independently developed by NHI is the domestic first applied in coal mine construction of full face rock machine, It is an open full section roadheader with independent intellectual property rights. It is also the first time for China to lead the world coal mine rock roadway construction of major technical changes of technical equipment. This equipment has laid a solid foundation to solve the bottleneck problem of rock roadway construction in the development of coal mine in China, and is an important milestone in the development of coal mining equipment in China. The successful application of this product in coal mine roadway excavation will lead the world coal mine roadway excavation project into a new era.

        Restart the coal machine sector and follow the market development

        Since the reform, NHI has been taking enterprise transformation and upgrading as the first priority. At the end of last year, NHI took the highly concerned coal market as an important entry point for enterprise transformation and upgrading, introduced high-end talents, and restarted the industry sector of NHI. In this year, the planning report of NHI has clearly put forward the key research and development tasks. After the restart of the coal machinery industry, it will comply with the market demand, enhance the development sustainability and provide solutions.

        In this year, NHI’s coal industry will start from the talent introduction, technology introduction, management system reform and other aspects to promote the cantilever tunneling machine intelligent, vertical and horizontal axis digging anchor all-in-one machine, fast digging anchor complete equipment and other products for technical reform and research and development. In the next two years, the coal machinery industry sector will deeply dig the application of mining TBM market, and carry out the development of open pit mining equipment, new energy transportation equipment and other directions to complete the mission and responsibility of the northeast equipment manufacturing industry revitalization undertaken by NHI in the coal industry.

        With the continuous improvement of automatic production requirements of coal industry, the application of tunneling equipment in the coal production process is becoming more and more widespread, many coal production enterprises choose the cantilever tunneling machine when choosing tunneling equipment. As the earliest domestic design, production and sales of roadheader enterprises, the performance index of the new products independently developed by NHI’s roadheader reaches (or exceeds) the domestic leading level of the same specification and control up to the world's advanced level.