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        NHI Headlines

        "Mixed Reform" Enables Old State-owned Enterprises to Transform and Upgrade to Intelligence


        Since the implementation of the mixed reform, NHI has made a new leap in development by integrating into the completely market-oriented system and mechanism of Fangda Group and relying on the Fangda Group's abundant capital resource advantages and brand new business and development concepts.

        Through equipment upgrading and transformation, the company has further improved the production and manufacturing capacity of products, significantly increased the market influence, and orders have been pouring in.

        Intelligent make enterprises with might doubled

        North Heavy Industry Automotive Steering System Branch focuses on mechanical steering column and intermediate shaft, and provides supporting products for FAW Jiefang and Hongqi automobile manufacturers. Since the implementation of the mixed system reform in NHI, the company has introduced dozens of advanced processing, assembly and testing equipment, with a total investment of more than ten million yuan. Through the purchase of equipment, the machining of shaft parts realizes the automatic feeding and on-line dimension monitoring of manipulator. The stamping parts realize automatic feeding and continuous stamping. The parts welding assembly has realized the automatic welding of all manipulator. The main assembly parameters of steering column and drive shaft can be monitored online and traceable. Product testing ability in the industry is in a leading position. After the equipment upgrade of the branch plant, according to calculation, the processing efficiency of shaft parts has been increased by 80%, the processing efficiency of stamping parts has been increased by 200%, and the welding efficiency of shaft parts has been increased by 100%. On the one hand, the labor cost is reduced, and on the other hand, the product quality is also improved. The annual labor cost can be saved nearly one million yuan, and the qualified rate of the product is greatly improved. More than 20 kinds of original purchased parts are also realized self-manufacturing.

        After the upgrade of the workshop shows that it is an intelligent and digital professional factory, welding manipulator, grinding machine manipulator, machining processing manipulator, which keep waving their arms, and rhythmically processing parts of different specifications. "With the phoenix tree, there will be a phoenix." With the continuous investment in equipment renewal, the steering product market of NHI has undergone tremendous changes, and the number of auto factories coming to the factory for project review has gradually increased. In the past two years of mixed reform, the company has won the bidding for more than 20 new product projects from 12 auto factories in China.

        With the continuous upgrading of equipment, the continuous expansion of the market, the industry influence and competitiveness are also gradually improved, the number of orders will continue to increase. .At present, the steering products of NHI are not limited to the supporting field of commercial vehicle steering column, and will continue to expand the development of the supporting market of passenger vehicle steering column, expand the market field, and then reach a new peak.

        Refinement leads to high quality products

        In order to meet the market demand, better complete the fine processing of gear products, and further improve the quality of products, NHI has introduced the domestic gear processing industry leading equipment electronic generative type gear measuring center and CNC gear shaping grinding machine.

        The electronic generative gear measuring center introduced by North Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has a maximum gear measuring diameter of 650mm, which fills the gap of backward gear machine testing accuracy. The detection accuracy of the equipment is improved to level 4, achieving high precision detection, which uses the electronic scanning probe to carry out accurate detection

        The tooth profile and tooth phase of the gear can be accurately measured before fine grinding in the measuring center to provide simple, fast and effective measurement data support for the sequential grinding finishing sequence. The gear with deviation can be repaired with a definite target in the process of finishing, which greatly improves the machining accuracy of gear and ensures the orderly assembly after the sequence.

        In addition, the company also introduced by the domestic well-known gear machine tool manufacturer Qinchuan machine production of CNC gear forming grinding machine. Its equipment is the leading professional equipment for grinding hard face gear in China., the maximum processing diameter is 800mm, the equipment has its own detection system, the introduction of the equipment make up for the original development of grinding accuracy and efficiency, which greatly improve the accuracy of gear processing and bulk gear processing efficiency.

        The introduction of two high-precision equipment has enhanced the company's competitive strength in the production and manufacturing of reducer, and comprehensively enhanced the company's ability in gear processing and testing to meet the manufacturing needs of high-precision products.

        Automation has led to a dramatic increase in productivity

        The general assembly idler workshop of North Heavy Industry Bulk Material Equipment Branch has many years of experience in idler production, and has undertaken large projects in Turkey, Iran, Brazil, etc., which plays a pivotal role in the idler industry at home and abroad.

        Since the implementation of the mixed reform, with the increase of industry orders, in order to meet the subsequent market demand, through the analysis of the production process of the idler and the comparison with other enterprises in the same industry, the company has timely upgraded the equipment and improved the level of equipment automation.

        In the production process, the original shaft processing process is long, it needs to use five equipments, involve five operators, there are three processes to complete, the production technology is behind the same industry and the production efficiency is slow. The original pipe cutting equipment has been used for more than 30 years, which are with serious aging, frequent failures, low processing efficiency and poor precision.

        By purchasing two automatic double-head CNC lathes to replace the sequence processing of the original five lathes, only equipped with one operator can complete the processing of most types of roller rollers. Through the purchase of an automatic loading and unloading pipe cutting machine, using automatic production equipment to replace the old manually operated machine tools, it improved production safety at the same time to achieve the goal of improving processing efficiency, stable product quality.

        Through the technical upgrading and transformation of the equipment, NHI has solved the quality problem of the bottleneck process, improved the production efficiency, ensured the delivery time of the products, improved the market reputation of the enterprise, and escorted the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise.