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        NHI Headlines

        NHI Makes Full Use of Technological Advantages to Develop Modern Construction Industry


        Prefabricated component assembly technology and industrialized production is the development trend of modern construction industry, which has been widely used in Europe and the United States. The factory and automatic manufacturing of PC components is the core content of prefabricated components assembly construction technology. China's long-term dependence on imports in these fields has become a bottleneck in the development of prefabricated component assembly construction industry.

        Breakthrough for the Honor

        As the cradle of New China heavy machinery industry, from the First Five Year period of "Shenyang Heavy Machinery" and "Shenyang Mining Machinery" on the burden of holding up the backbone of the Republic Industry. Since the reform and opening up, with the continuous development of economy and society, “Shenyang Heavy Machinery” and “Shenyang Mining Machinery" have been merged and reorganized into Northern Heavy Industry Group Ltd. The mission is heavier, but the original intention is still the same. In the face of numerous technology blockades in the world, NHI chose to meet the difficulties head-on, break the blockades and barriers.

        In order to break through the foreign technology monopoly in the field of prefabricated component assembly construction industry, NHI began to fully enter the field of manufacturing complete sets of equipment for modern construction industrialization in 2013. The independent research and development are performed in the PC component production line process, key technology and typical equipment and other fields, which  has developed a PC component automation production line and complete sets of equipment with an annual output of 1 million square meters and above with independent intellectual property rights, and replaced the import, filled the domestic blank, solved the technical "bottleneck" that restricted the development of China's modern construction industry, and made China's industrial precast concrete component equipment technology reach the world's advanced level. Significant achievements have been made in raw material preparation, intelligent cloth, multi-functional manipulator, automatic forming of steel mesh, split type curing kiln and intelligent control of production line, etc. And all the equipment of the production line is designed and manufactured, so as to realize the localization and industrialization of the development and manufacture of complete sets of industrial precast concrete components.

        Reborn for the common "dream"

        Entering the new era, with the constant changes in the domestic and foreign environment, the domestic economy has been greatly adjusted, coupled with the inherent rigidity of thinking, NHI gradually went into decline. Orders continue to fall, the capital chain is broken, material supply is in serious shortage, production and business operations are difficult to sustain, and corporate credibility has been seriously damaged

        The turnaround came on April 30, 2019. According to the CPC Central Committee and state council on promoting the northeast revitalization and deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises of the spirit, under the correct leadership and vigorous promotion of Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Shenyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Fangda Group actively participated in the judicial restructuring and mixed ownership reform of NHI and became the largest shareholder of the company, opening a new chapter in the development of NHI.

        After completing the restructuring of NHI, with Fangda Group’s rigorous and efficient management system and active and flexible business philosophy, it gradually integrates into the production and life of the national heavy machinery industry time-honored brand enterprise. Fang Wei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fangda Group, returned home and rekindled the "dream" of NHI through the "mixed reform".

        Transformation, wandering in the vast "dark blue"

        Through the implementation of "mixed reform", NHI quickly got rid of the situation of poor operation. In April 2021 alone, the sales order reached nearly 400 million yuan. In the two years since the implementation of "mixed reform", various works have made remarkable achievements. In order to cope with the complex market changes, combined with the requirements of high-quality development of enterprises, in response to the national green development and sustainable development strategy, on the basis of its own technology and cooperation with market resources, NHI has set up a modern building PC component automation standard production demonstration line. In addition to providing equipment manufacturing capability demonstration, NHI can also complete the manufacturing and sales of PC component products.

        Until this May, the 60 fixed die sets of the production line have all been put into production, indicating that the PC component industry has initially achieved an annual production capacity of 27,000 m3 of precast concrete components. At present, the PC component business of NHI has signed a total sales contract of more than 4.2 million yuan. Since its official production in April, it has produced 138 m3 precast concrete components and 287 laminated floor slabs in total.

        PC component project construction conforms to the national, provincial and municipal industrial policies, the market prospect are wide, which have a good construction foundation and operation environment. The implementation of the project is conducive to the rapid transformation and upgrading of North Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., extending the industrial chain, entering into new fields, enhancing the profitability of the enterprise, enhancing the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, and promoting the better development of the enterprise. At the same time, the application of new technology will also promote the development of modern construction industry in Liaoning and Shenyang area and make new contributions to the regional economic development.