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        NHI Headlines

        Promote Development Through Upgrading Extend Industry Chain and Improve New Arrangement


        Recently, NHI Borui Architectural Industrialization Joint Venture Co., Ltd. was established, which marked a solid step taken by NHI on the road of promoting high-quality development through transformation and upgrading and officially entered the modern construction industry market.

        Focus New Industries and Stimulate New Driving Forces

        On April 30, 2019, according to the Central Committee of the Party and State Council on promoting the revitalization of Northeast China and deepen the reform of State-owned enterprises, under the correct leadership and vigorous promotion of Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, Liaoning Provincial Government, Shenyang Municipal Party Committee and Shenyang Municipal Government, with the feelings of repaying home, Liaoning Fangda Group actively participated in the judicial restructuring and mixed ownership reform of NHI and became the largest shareholder of the enterprise according to laws. It is understood that since the implementation of the mixed reform, relying on the flexible system mechanism and strong financial support of Fangda Group, NHI has rapidly adjusted its industrial structure and implemented transformation and upgrading. Relying on the development plan of the modern construction industry of the state and Liaoning Province, NHI keeps up with the trend of the healthy development of the construction industry and sets its target on the modern construction industry.

        Modern construction industry is a comprehensive industry with prefabricated building as the core, covering construction drawing design, mold production, component processing, logistics and transportation and other industries. Pre-fabrication concrete members (PC members for short) are the main components and accessories of prefabricated buildings. Relative to the cast-in-place concrete building, the original parts (such as floor slab, wall panel, stairs, balcony etc.) that cast on the construction site are taken to the factory for production, and then transported to the construction site for assembly, and then the precast parts are combined by part site casting to form a complete building.

        From 2016 to 2019, there are 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government issued a total of 686 policy documents and 389 related standards and specifications for prefabrication buildings, constantly improving supporting policies and refining implementation measures, providing institutional guarantee and technical support for promoting the development of prefabrication buildings. By the end of December 2019, prefabrication buildings had started construction of 420 million m2 nationwide, an increase of 45% compared with 2018 accounts for about 13.4% of the newly built construction area, with an average annual growth rate of 55% in the past four years.

        New Models of Cooperation and New Development of Mixed Reform

        In the great development and under the background of modern architecture industry vigorous, NHI and Liaoning Han Hong Bo Rui Building Industry Co., Ltd jointly established NHI Bo Rui Building Industrialization Joint Venture Company, engaged in product design, production, sales, PC components, construction general contracting business, quickly entered the prefabricated construction industry and completed the strategic layout, product market, and promoted the transformation and upgrading of NHI.

        The registered capital of NHI Bolui Construction Industrialization Joint Venture is 20 million yuan, which mainly engaged in the production and sales of PC component products, and developed the production of subway segment and aerated concrete as well as the sales of commercial concrete in the future. At the same time, it has applied for Class B qualification of construction engineering design and Class II or Class III qualification of general contracting of construction engineering. In the next 3 ~ 5 years, NHI plans to gradually expand the business of urban underground pipe gallery, infrastructure construction, PPP, EPC construction project general contracting, etc.

        Since the implementation of the mixed system reform, NHI has rapidly introduced the operation mode of Fangda Group with significant changes in internal mechanism and rapid and decisive decisions. The cooperation with Liaoning Hanhong Bolui Construction Industry Co., Ltd. is precisely in this flexible and efficient operation mechanism, and the rapid completion of the transformation of the enterprise is completed. At present, part of the finished products has been off the production line, which will be shipped to the construction site for use.

        Throw Away Old Ideas and Activate Old Resources

        In this cooperation, NHI throwed away all kinds of concerns before mixed reform and took various measures to activate the existing resources, so that the project could quickly entered the production stage, greatly shortening the time from project approval to production.

        The site selection of the project made full use of the advantages of the NHI plant, on the basis of the existing plant, after partial modification, the production workshop was quickly set up. According to the requirements of the production process, the new wall in the west of the workshop is made of brick masonry structure, and the foundation is made of rubble concrete strip foundation. The newly built bunker adopts reinforced concrete structure, and the foundation adopts raft base.

        At the same time, in order to implement the national environmental protection law and other regulations and laws as the guiding ideology, stick to the "three simultaneity" principle, adhere to the principle of the unity of economic and environmental benefits, it actively adopted the raw materials with low toxicity, low harm, non-toxic and harmless in the process design. The energy-saving, low-noise equipment, new technology with less pollution and no pollution are adopted to reduce the pollutants produced in the production process to a minimum.

        Strive to reflect the advanced technology and economic rationality, the purification treatment efficiency is high, the treated pollutants shall conform to the national and local discharge standards. According to the "three wastes" and noise generated in the production operation of the newly added equipment from the workshop, the effective treatment process is formulated, and the matching efficient treatment device is selected to ensure the standard discharge of "three wastes" and meet the requirements of their respective specifications.

        In addition, this project broadens employment channels for employees and further improves labor efficiency, thus increasing income for employees of the enterprise.

        Currently, all the non-rotary fixed mould platforms for production are manufactured by NHI itself. In the future, NHI will also produce an automated production line to further increase the joint venture's capacity and production efficiency.

        According to NHI related personage introduction, the construction of the project is in line with the national, provincial and municipal industrial policies and development plans, and the product market has a large capacity, and has a good construction foundation and operation environment. The implementation of the project is conducive to the rapid transformation and upgrading of North Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., extending the industrial chain, entering into new fields, enhancing the profitability of the enterprise and the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, and promoting the better development of the enterprise. At the same time, it will promote the development of modern construction industry in Liaoning and Shenyang area and contribute to the regional economic development.