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        NHI Headlines

        University-Enterprise Cooperation and Innovation Support Development of New Technologies


        Recently, NHI and Northeastern University have signed two technology development contracts, which marked the comprehensive launch of the strategic cooperation between the two sides. The university-enterprise cooperation will effectively improve the technological level of NHI and help NHI achieve new development.

        Carry out university-enterprise cooperation to help enterprises develop in high quality

        After the mixed reform, with the support of Fangda Group, NHI continued to increase investment in technology research and development, improve design conditions, successively purchased graphics workstations and servers, upgraded a number of design software, which effectively improved design quality and design and process efficiency. From the perspective of enterprise development, NHI is speeding up the process of new product design and development to quickly create a new economic growth point, centering on the direction of national environmental protection, combining with the development trend of steel, cement and other industries, launching product research and development in the new field of environmental dust removal. Relying on the sand aggregate project, the implementation of engineering technology development was carried out, a complete set of engineering technology capability was quickly formed; the standardization, modularization and parametric design and research and development of common components were accelerated, the design efficiency was designed and the technology preparation cycle was shortened, the profitability of products were enhanced.

        In cooperation with Northeastern University symposium, the Fangda Group main leader of the board suggested that the cadres and staff at all levels of the group should "bend down" to the professors and scholars of Northeastern University to learn from them, strengthen the joint training of talents between schools and enterprises, and set up a platform for students from Northeastern University to practice in Fangda Group. It is hoped that the two sides will step up cooperation in various areas and jointly make greater contributions to the country. According to the advice of Fangda Group, NHI has carried out exchanges with Northeastern University in various fields, taking the unattended intelligent platform of stacker and reclaimer machine and the development of the universalization, serialization and modularization of steel structure of belt conveyor as an opportunity, and carried out in-depth strategic cooperation of industry-university-research.

        Unmanned intelligent platform to enhance the competitiveness of enterprise products

        Unmanned intelligent platform is widely used in iron and steel, building materials, electric power, port and other industries. Through the use of advanced industrial automation, detection, mapping, computer image graphics technology and communication technology, the automatic stacking and reclaiming operations are realized. Laser scanning technology is used to scan the material pile dynamically in real time, and simulation processing is carried out to form a three-dimensional image and the information database of the material pile. The technology can automatically convert the operation plan of stacking and reclaiming into PLC control instruction, control the automatic addressing of stacker and reclaimer and carry out automatic stacking according to the setting data, such as stacking shape, stacking width and stacking height. Also it can automatically find the pile cutting point according to the specified pile to process automatic reclaiming. Under the background of increasing market demand, the development of unmanned intelligent platform for stacker and reclaimer enables NHI to quickly acquire the ability of intelligent pile technology integration, provide differentiated intelligent solutions for users, and enhance the competitiveness of stacker and reclaimer products.

        Increase the research and development of belt conveyor to seize the commanding heights of technology

        Belt conveyor is one of the leading products of NHI, which has the characteristics of non-standard customization. Based on design of steel structure of belt conveyor, the universalization, serialization and modularization of steel structure of belt conveyor solved the technical bottlenecks and problems such as large volume, heavy weight, multiple force combinations, tedious calculation, inconsistent design criteria, difficulty in optimization and lightweight, high labor cost in product design drawing and long technical preparation cycle of steel structure of belt conveyor from the structure, finite element calculation, design methods and means and other dimensions. The development of conveyor standardization, modularization and parameterization further improve product technology content and technical ability, solve the belt conveyer steel structure technology development bottleneck, fill the blank of the industry and occupation of the commanding heights industry both at home and abroad, at the same time enhance belt conveyor in the industry and the influence of the international market and core competitiveness, develop the international market to lay the foundation for the product based on the domestic market.

        NHI makes full use of social science and technology to serve the enterprise's scientific research and development work, provides the impetus and support for scientific and technological innovation, and starts the strategic cooperation with Northeastern University entirely. According to the market demand and change, facing the urgent needs of enterprises, NHI jointly tackle key technologies, solve technical problems, overcome product "bottleneck" technology, carry out effective technological innovation, and keep the competitiveness of products in the market. In the future, with the application of cooperation results, the bottleneck of enterprises' products will be broken and the technology of products will be greatly upgraded, which will support and lead the high-quality development of products, further improve the level of independent innovation of products, and bring good social and economic benefits.