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        Gyratory Crusher

        NHI is the birthplace of the first gyratory crusher of China, which is a professional manufacturer of design, test and fabrication of gyrator crusher with a history of more than 50years history of designing and manufacturing, the products range from PXZ 0405 to PXZ 1619. With Complete product specifications, advanced design, reliable performance, stable work, low energy consumption, the product is welcomed by users domestics and overseas.

        There are three series for gyratory crushers as PXZ (heavy duty), PXQ (light duty) and PXF (imported type), the PXZ series is used for crushing all kinds of materials of medium hardness or above it; PXQ series is used for crushing all kinds of materials of hardness lower than medium; PXQ series is used for large scale of mines and dressing plant.

        At present, the largest jaw crusher designed and manufactured by our company is PXF 60110 with a output of 5800-7000t/h.