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        Carbon Extruder

        Metal and non-metal extrusion forming is one of the important means of processing industry in China and foreign countries. Extruding hydraulic press is the important equipment for realizing this process means. According to different functions of final products, it can extrude cylindrical material into certain tubes, rods, sectional bars and plates and other products, some special ones can extrude carbon electrode etc. Extruding hydraulic press is widely used in aluminum processing plants, steel mills, electrode factory and other enterprises.

        Extruding hydraulic press mainly include two types of metal extrusion and electrode extrusion. Metal extruding hydraulic press includes hot extrusion of ferrous metal, light alloy, copper & alloy and extrusion production line, and cold extrusion of light alloy.

        NHI has 50 years history of manufacturing and designing of extruding hydraulic press, and has owned the national silver medal for the 2YJQ12500 model equipment that is the first ten-thousand ton extruding hydraulic press in China. At present, NHI extruding hydraulic press has been very perfect, formed series and line. The specification is completed, the performance is stable, the design is advanced, and the structure is reasonable. In order to improve the technical level of extruding press and introducing foreign advanced technology, NHI built the relationship of cooperation with BREDA FUCINE in Italy about setting up the light alloy extruding production line. At present, NHI can design and manufacture various specifications extruding press of aluminum alloy, copper alloy, steel alloy and rare metal and hard deformation metal.