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        Boring Machine
          Boring Machine has become integral coal excavation equipment. The partial-section cantilever boring machine is the main equipment used by most companies which consists of cutting part, shovel plate, the first conveyor, body, transmission, back support, hydraulic system, water system, lubrication system and electrical system. By the operation of electrical system and hydraulic system, the machine could complete all kinds of production operation.   There are several ways to classify boring machine. It could be divided into two types according to the orientation of the axis of the cutting head and the longitudinal axis of boring machine points : the longitudinal axis boring machine and horizontal axis boring machine. It could be divided into coal road boring machine, half coal road boring machine and rock boring machine according to the geological characteristics of coal and rock cutting.   NHI is one of the earliest companies which design and product boring machine in China. NHI supply quality products to major domestic coal producers for many years. Now it has formed a series of boring machine such as EBZ120, EBZ132, EBZ160A, EBZ160A (short), EBZ200, EBZ220, EBZ240, EBZ260, EBZ320, EBH360. In 2012, NHI developed the EBH360 horizontal axis boring machine which is a breakthrough in the structural design and manufacture. It solves the problem of cutting transmission and achieves the conversion between two speeds. It also make it possible which hydraulic and electrical control in the hydraulic system at the same time. In the electrical system, it achieves remote control and profile cutting function. The technology is at a leading level in China.